Alberta's Membership Community for Private Dayhomes



Embolden Private Dayhome Community is the first and only membership community for private dayhome providers in Alberta. We believe that private providers can have both autonomy and support in their dayhome business and that with the proper systems in place, private childcare can be quality childcare. As a community, we are collectively committed to going above and beyond the minimum standards so that all children in Alberta have access to safe and affordable childcare. 


With nearly 66% of childcare in Alberta being private, there is a massive workforce of private dayhome providers who are not currently monitored by any governing body or accountability system in our province. Not only does this fuel the stigma that private providers are less than, it also makes it difficult for private providers to access the resources and support they may need to offer quality childcare in their communities. Without access to appropriate resources and support, the private dayhome industry is vulnerable to burnout, isolation, and complacency – which can put our children at risk. As an Embolden PDC Member, you are helping to bring visibility to the private dayhome industry, effectively opening doors to resources and support that private dayhomes cannot currently access. As a community of dayhome providers who are committed to going above and beyond the minimum standards, we have the opportunity to assert ourselves as a competent and visible workforce that prides itself on safety and quality care. And as a visible workforce, we have the ability to advocate for private providers across the province so that we may gain the credibility and recognition that we need to help smash the stigma that private childcare is less than. As an Embolden PDC Member, you are taking a stand against private providers who have no interest in holding themselves to the highest of standards in childcare, and who are reinforcing the notion that private childcare is unsafe. We believe that when private providers have the ability to access the extra supports they need to help them be their absolute best – our children will benefit and our industry will thrive.

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