Alberta's Private Dayhome Support Network



Understanding the difference between private and regulated care in Alberta.

Private in-home childcare is one of the many childcare options available to young families in Alberta.
And with nearly 66% of childcare in Alberta being private, you might be surprised to learn that the private childcare industry does not have any form of governing body that helps regulate the care being offered or to ensure minimum safety and health guidelines are being met. In fact, the only government mandated regulation for private dayhomes is that they cannot care for more than 6 children (not including their own). However despite the wide spread use of private in-home childcare all across the province, there are very few resources and supports available to both the parents who are using it and the providers who are providing it. This can make it difficult for parents to find the information they need to safely navigate the private childcare industry, and for providers to access the resources they need to feel supported.


Connecting parents and providers with the resources they need to safely navigate the world of private childcare.

Embolden Private Dayhome Community is the first and only membership community for private dayhome providers in Alberta. We are on a mission to help legitamize the private dayhome industry in Alberta so that parents and providers can access the resources and supports they need to safely navigate the private dayhome industry. With 66% of childcare in Alberta being private – it’s time that our private childcare workforce is brought out from behind the shadows of the early learning field and that our providers are given access to the resources and supports they need to offer high quality private childcare in their communities. We believe that private providers can have both autonomy and support in their dayhome business and that with the proper systems in place, private childcare can be quality childcare. As a community, we are collectively committed to going above and beyond the minimum standards so that all children in Alberta have access to safe and affordable childcare regardless of the circumstances in which they receive that care. Universal childcare may not be a reality for our province at this time, but as a unified community, Embolden PDC can help bridge that gap.

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