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Our Why

Did you know that 80% of childcare spaces in Canada are unregulated? 

This means that the majority of children in Canada are cared for by private dayhome providers.

Private dayhome’s are non regulated private businesses, and although they are held to basic government standards, they are not monitored regularly by an agency like registered dayhome’s are.

For this reason, private dayhome’s are often stigmatized within our industry as being less than in comparison to their regulated counterparts.

I am deeply passionate about partnering with private dayhomes within our region to embolden them to go beyond the minimum, and in turn, start to change the dialogue surrounding private dayhome’s in Alberta.

The truth is there are many highly skilled and highly qualified private dayhome providers in our province. I want to gather us all up into one place so that we can be seen and valued for all that we have to offer the dayhome industry in Alberta.

Together we can train up the next generation of dayhome’s – setting the tone for what it means to be a trusted and reputable private dayhome operator in Alberta. 

I do not believe that choosing a private dayhome means you are choosing substandard care. I believe that with a strong support system, access to resources, and a sense of community, private dayhome’s can provide exceptional quality childcare similar to that of an agency home.

In a nutshell, Embolden Private Dayhome Community is here to bridge the gap between regulated and private childcare so that providers can have both autonomy and support. It no longer has to be one or the other.

Whether you are just starting out, or you are a 20 year veteran, we want to partner with you. 

It is my hope and dream that as our membership community evolves and grows, we will become known within the childcare industry as a trusted source of private childcare providers. 

And not just for providers, but for parents too.

Finding suitable childcare can feel daunting. 

It is my mission that one day soon Embolden VIP will be a gold standard indicator of quality private childcare in Alberta. 

My goal is to provide a platform through which parents can easily access exceptional private childcare providers. 

 A place that gives parents confidence in their childcare choices, because choosing a provider who has partnered with Embolden VIP means they have chosen a provider who values quality childcare, who is dedicated to continuous professional development, and who has the support of a thriving dayhome community behind them.

If this sounds like you, take a look around to see how we can support you on your dayhome journey. 

Embolden VIP is here to change the face of the private dayhome industry in Alberta. 

Connect with us to see how you can become part of this childcare revolution in Alberta. 

Together we can de-stigmatize the private dayhome industry in Alberta – one community at a time!

All we’re missing is you

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