Silky Sensory Dough – Spring Break 2019

It's Spring Break!

Which means I have all of my dayhome kids home from school.
Yup all 6 kids – all week long!

And as you can imagine, trying to keep everyone entertained for an entire week often takes some planning.

Except that I have a newborn baby, and time to plan isn’t exactly something I have a lot of right now! 

So I have been pinning lot’s of easy no prep activities that we can do this week, if the kids need it. 

Today, we tried out a new dough recipe, and I am hooked! 

This recipe is so easy, and only has 2 ingredients that you can find around the house! 

Check it out below! 



Cornstarch and Hair Conditioner!  
That’s it!! This recipe is so easy, and you can likely find all the ingredients around the house! You can use any kind of conditioner, but picking one that has a really nice smell adds to the sensory experience. 
Keep in mind that as one of the ingredients is hair conditioner, this dough recipe might not be the best for little one’s who will be tempted to eat it. 

2 Cups Cornstarch
1 Cup Conditioner 
This ratio makes a good sized ball of dough. I was able to split it between all of the kids. 

I used a spoon to mix the ingredients together, and then finished mixing by kneading the dough for a few minutes. If you find the dough is too sticky, you can add more cornstarch. We experimented a little bit on this one, as the cornstarch to conditioner ratio really made a difference in the consistency of the dough. I also found that after the dough sat for awhile, it became more stiff, but kneading it again seemed to soften it up. 

After kneading for a few minutes, you get a nice sized ball of dough to play with. It has a nice silky texture, and cleanup really isn’t too bad. I just vacuumed up the loose bits, and wiped the table down. 

The kids really enjoyed playing with it. 

This one gets 2 thumbs up from this crew! 



2 Cups Cornstarch 
1 Cup Hair Conditioner 
Glitter or Food Coloring Optional


Mix cornstarch and conditioner 
Knead dough into a smooth and silky consistency 
Add more cornstarch or conditioner to reach desired feel 
That’s it! 
You can add food coloring or glitter for added visual appeal 

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