Why buy it?

Ok, I admit it. In the era of more is less, and with minimalism trending right now, this post might seem a bit counter cultural. 

If you’ve jumped on the de-cluttering bandwagon, you’ve probably already gotten rid of a large majority of your junk, and are feeling pretty darn good about it. 

If that’s the case, you’re probably thinking what 50 things could I possibly want to keep around, as a dayhome provider? 

Well, I thought I would post about a few things you should at least CONSIDER keeping while you are Marie Kondo-ing your life. 

After all, why buy craft supplies and loose parts for your dayhome if you can save things from around the house, right? 

What to save?

If you’re anything like me, you might realize that you SHOULD save things around the house for your dayhome, but you might not know WHAT to save. 

Personally, beyond appreciating the fact that I should keep the empty paper towel roll when I am done with it, I don’t really know what landfill bound items are a “smart save” for my dayhome. 

Plus if I do save something, I have a hard time thinking outside the box, and re-introducing it into my space in a new and fun way. 

My brain is just not wired that way, and these things don’t come naturally for me. 

Loose Parts & Process Art

For me, the hardest part about having a re-use mindset is figuring out how to use something beyond it’s intended purpose. 

Luckily, Loose Parts and Process Art are enjoying some well deserved time in the Early Learning spotlight, and these are 2 incredible ways to use recycled materials. 

You can find a ton of resources surrounding Loose Parts and Process art on the internet. Or check out our Pinterest Boards on Loose Parts and Process Art

Plus, if all else fails, follow your child’s lead! Not a single internet resource can match the mind of a child, and they will use the materials you provide in a way that is meaningful to them. 

They have enough imagination to make up for the both of us, and then some! 

Get the List

If you struggle with discerning which items constitute a “smart save” for your dayhome, take a look at our list of “50 Things Every Dayhome Provider Should Think Twice About Before Tossing“. 

This list is available in our free resource library here.  

Loose Parts Resources

If you’re feeling really unsure about how to start incorporating Loose Parts into your childcare setting, you’ll want to check out the FREE Embolden VIP Mini Conference launching in MAY! 

Veronica Green from Ronnie’s Preschool will be sharing her Mini Workshop on Loose Parts for Beginners! You can pre-register for the conference here.  

Let's Chat!

Do you struggle with incorporating recycled materials into your childcare setting? Let us know below!

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