7 Summer Self-Care Tips For Busy

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Guest Post by Bethany Taylor from Mama Finds Her Way

Ah, Summer! The warm sun on your skin, long, lazy days around the pool and roaring campfires at night. It is easily my favorite time of the year. But, Summer also means that the kids are out of school and are home with you 24/7. With this change, it is so easy to let our own wellbeing fall to the wayside while we tend to everyone else all day long.

However, if you truly want to have an amazing summer and actually enjoy the extra time with your kids, making sure that you are taking care of yourself is non-negotiable. Pouring yourself into taking care of your kids and running from place to place to keep them entertained and busy is a sure path to burn out and resentment.

But how do you actually find time to take care of yourself with all the chaos that comes along with summer? Well, I’m glad you asked, because I am going to share my top tips for doing just that!

Before we get into how to make it work, I want to take a moment to address what REAL self-care is, because it’s not about pedicures and bubble baths. True self-care is about making sure your core needs are met and building a life you love. This means getting proper nutrition, staying hydrated, moving your body and looking after your mental and emotional wellness.

Furthermore, these actions need to be done regularly and not just a one-off after you have completely burned out. The point is to prevent you from reaching burn out in the first place.

Ok, so now that I have stepped off of my little soap box, let’s talk about how to actually make this work.

Determine Your Minimum Effective Dose of Self-Care

The term minimum effective dose comes from the medical field and refers to the minimum amount of something required to achieve the desired result. In this case, we are using it to describe the minimum amount of self-care that you need in order to feel the way you want to feel.

How do you figure that out? You have to reverse engineer it. First, think about the end goal. How you you want to feel? Do you want to have more energy? Do you want to be calmer and more patient? Once you have decided on how you want to feel, think about the actions you can take to achieve that result.

As an example, my minimum effective dose of self-care is staying hydrated, eating regularly and taking 3 deep, conscious breaths when I feel my stress levels rising.

Micro Habits

My personal self-care journey started with making a rule with myself that I must drink a quart of water before I have any coffee. That was all I did for months and months and that one little habit eventually gave me more energy to add another habit, and then another and it kept snowballing and still is today. If you are super strapped for time, this is the way to go! Choose one micro habit and work on doing that one little thing every day.

At first, you may feel like it’s not worth it and it’s not making a difference. But remember small steps in the right direction lead to big changes over time. SOMETHING is always better than nothing, no matter how small it is.

Nap Time

Devote one nap time per week to do something for yourself. 20 minutes reading a book, meditating, watching TV, or anything else that fills you up and recharges you. Nap time is already part of your day, so all you need to do is be more intentional with this time.

Morning Routine

I have to admit that I was never a morning person, until I created a habit of waking up before my kids. Now it is my absolute favorite time of the day. Enjoying a few minutes of silence in the morning really sets the tone for the rest of my day. This is a great time to have a power hour of self-care.

After The Kids Are In Bed

In all honesty, by the end of the day I am spent and the only thing I have energy for is watching netflix with the hub. If that’s you, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes self-care is zoning out for a little bit. Recognize this as a form of downtime. If you are someone who has more energy at night, this is a great time to fit in some “me time”.


Hire a substitute for your dayhome and do something for yourself. Seriously, get out and enjoy the summer with your kids. Head to the beach for the day or go on a date with your hubby! Whatever you decide to do, try and get out of the house for a bit of a change in scenery. It will do your soul good.

Create Accountability

Sign up for an exercise group, or a mom and me activity. You’re probably thinking you don’t have time for that but once you start doing it, chances are you will adjust the rest of your days to make it fit.


Summer is supposed to be fun, so don’t spend the whole season in a funk and praying for school to start again. If you are feeling guilty for spending time on yourself when you have approximately 1,000,856,785 items on your to-do list, keep in mind that it is actually benefiting everyone around you. When you take time to pour into yourself, you are not running from a place of depletion and you can show up as your best self. 

Bethany is a mom of 3 and postpartum depression survivor, who knows all too well the disastrous results neglecting your own self-care can create. She is also the founder of Mamafindsherway.com where she encourages women to prioritize their own well being and create a life they love so they can truly show up as the best version of themselves. Bethany is extremely passionate about teaching women the importance of self-care and helping them overcome the martyr mindset that so many suffer with. Her goal is to help women realize that self-care is not just about you, it’s also about showing up for the people that matter most.  Bethany takes a no-nonsense approach to self-care and helps women better understand how, even the busiest women can make it work for them. Follow her on Facebook for some incredible wisdom that will help you get started on your self-care journey.

Thank you Bethany for writing this post from the Embolden Community!

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