This might feel familiar.

You’ve spent months organizing yourself to become a dayhome provider. 

You’ve put in the work, dotted your i’s, and crossed all your t’s. 

You’ve spent hours formulating your handbook, and have painstakingly designed your business forms. 

You’ve spent years day dreaming about your future dayhome space, and have poured your blood sweat and tears into making it a reality. 

You’re 150% ready, and all you need now are some kids.

So you let all your friends and family know to spread the word, you get your instagram all sorted out, and you put up an ad on Facebook. 

Then you wait.

You wait, and you wait… and nothing happens.

Suddenly you find yourself in a really negative place.

Did you miss the mark? Did you choose the wrong path? Did you do all this work and invest all this money for nothing?

Before you feel like jumping off the proverbial cliff, let me offer you a life line.

You did not take the wrong path. You did not miss the mark. You did not waste your money.

Unfortunately, this feeling of failure you’re experiencing is completely normal and part of the process.

Here’s the problem – you can’t get any kids because you have no kids, and you have no kids because you can’t get any kids. 

That makes this whole thing feel impossible doesn’t it?

Adding further fuel to the fire, one of the most critical aspects of your dayhome business is your reputation. 

And obviously as a dayhome provider who literally JUST opened their doors, you currently have no reputation to speak of – for now.

This means that landing those perfect for you dayhome families is challenging in the beginning. 

But the important thing to understand is that I said CHALLENGING, not impossible.

You will just have to work a bit harder to get your name out there. 

You’ll need to have a really good understanding of your market so that you can have a solid idea of what is needed to help you stand out. 

You’ll need to ensure that your ad’s are eye catching, and succinct. 

You’ll need to gather some solid character references to help you bridge the gap between rookie dayhome provider and experienced dayhome provider.

If all of these things have you feeling overwhelmed and you aren’t sure where to begin – check out our free dayhome planning workbook

We’ll help you draw a clear picture of the dayhome market in your area so that you can start out strong.

At first it will feel like you will never hear from a single soul and you’ll have to close your doors before they were technically even open.

But have faith. 

Many children in Canada live within childcare deserts. 

The market is not over saturated – it just feels that way sometimes. 

Once you are able to crack through that dayhome ceiling you WILL find those perfect for you families.

You have done everything in your power to prepare for this. 

Why would you even entertain your fear of failure?

1 year from now you will look back on this whole experience and laugh at yourself for ever doubting your ability.

Chin up girl, you’ve got this.

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