Covid-19 Information for Dayhomes


There has been some increase in COVID-19 questions in our group so we wanted to gather some resources in one place for those who are feeling uncertain right now.

Unlicensed child care operators must follow all public health measures and are encouraged to follow the child care guidance where appropriate.

When in doubt the best thing to do is call 811.

Government of Alberta

The main page for the Government of Alberta, COVID in Unlicensed Care page. Most important to note from this page:

“Unlicensed child care programs can apply to the rapid testing program for employers and service providers to receive free rapid test kits for use in their centre-based COVID-19 screening program.”

Governement Guidance for Child care

While a lot of things have changed over the last month in terms of COVID restrictions for the general public, the guidelines for child care have not changed since September 2021.

The guidance for approved family dayhomes (that unlicensed are expected to follow) states that children SHOULD NOT attend child care if they have symptoms – regardless if they have tested negative.

The guidelines state: proof of a negative covid test is not required to return to childcare. This is because everyone must be symptom-free to attend child care anyways so it doesn’t matter what their test says.

Alberta Daily Health Check List for Child Care

This document was recently updated. This updated document lists new isolation requirements for children who are vaccinated.

Again, when displaying the core symptoms of COVID – the daily checklist states that a child cannot return to child care until symptoms resolve EVEN with a negative PCR.

If the child is displaying some of the secondary symptoms – they still need to have improvement of symptoms before returning to child care AND they recommend having a negative PCR or 2 negative antigen tests at least 24 hours apart.

rapid testing

Unlicensed dayhomes can apply for rapid tests though those that have applied have not heard back thus far and there seems to be a delay in tests being available. We will post an update when more information is available. 

As always, call 811 for more information if you are unsure.

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