Course Library

2022 Tax Training

Catch the replay of our 2022 Tax Session with CPA Kathy Jo Matthews

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Financial Planning & Finances Learning Session


Caregiver Burnout

Catch the replay of our amazing session on Caregiver Burnout.


Dayhome Marketing 101

Catch the replay of this MUST watch session for any dayhome provider.


Inspired Minds Workshop: Connecting the Puzzle Pieces of Childhood

Catch this Inspired Minds Replay all about the stages of early childhood development.

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Car Seat Safety with Car Seat Cubs

Catch the replay of our session with Car Seat Cubs.

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Baby & Child CPR & Choking Workshop

Learn how to effectively respond to infant/child choking and cardiac events.

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Car Seat Safety Workshop by Little Lungs

Learn all about car seat safety in this comprehensive self paced course.

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Canva Tutorial Series

We've put together a variety of tutorials to help you make the most out of Canva and your Embolden VIP Canva Templates.


An Evening with AFCCA

Catch the replay of our chat with AFCCA as they dispel some myths about dayhome agencies.

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