Connecting Through Curriculum. Exploring the Alberta Flight Curriculum Framework.

Join Tina from Inspired Minds as we take an introductory dive into the Flight Framework – Alberta’s Early Learning Curriculum.

With private dayhome providers unable to access Flight training through the province – we wanted to provide a way for our members to interact with this important information in a fun and impactful way.

Through this 3-hour workshop – you’ll gain a basic understanding of the Flight Framework and how to implement it in your dayhome program.

Each module can be taken at your own pace – making it easy to fit into your schedule when it makes sense for you!


We’ve locked down each module in this course to help you get the most out of your learning. Our goal is not to frustrate you by slowing your progress – but instead to help you complete your reflections and truly absorb the content in each video before moving on to the next.

After you’ve watched a video, be sure to complete the corresponding exercises within your REFLECTION GUIDE. Once you’ve completed all tasks and reflections just click the CHECK underneath the Vimeo Video Player and this will mark your lesson COMPLETE so you can move on to the next video. Click the picture below for additional info.

We really want you to take your time with this course so that you have the impactful experience we’re hoping for! You can stop and re-start this course right where you left off – so don’t worry about finishing it all at once.